Many of the homes, units and apartments are ageing rapidly – many haven’t been renovated for more than 30 years.

Apartment Refurbishment can modernise your unit. We strip everything out – the kitchen, bathroom, carpets and make-do storage that has been installed, and we start to create a brilliant, modern apartment.

Home Renovations in Sydney - Apartment Refurbishment
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If the unit is for rental purposes, we can provide the entire service to a limited budget.


  • Cleaning out the unit – remove carpet, non-matching doors, flimsy partitions
  • Removal of old hot water fittings
  • Fixing dangerous electrical fittings
  • Plumbing replacements where required
  • Fixing of damage to walls and floors
  • Installation of cost-effective bathrooms
  • Design, build and installation of inexpensive but brilliant kitchens
  • Moving and enlarging of walls
  • Creation of open space alfresco dining areas
  • Installation of new storage space, built-ins and cupboards
  • Polishing of timber floors, or laying of new carpet or floating of timber flooring
  • Installation of modern downlights and positional LED lights
  • Fixing of windows, fix doors and installation of security systems
  • Painting throughout and clean and tidy

When you move in, we can even help hang pictures and organise appliances.


A complete unit refurbishment and renovation service

We provide a complete home and unit renovations in Sydney, because we understand that families in the Inner City and Eastern Suburbs have limited free time. We are there in the morning to receive goods and materials, and check the quality. We take care of the hassles that constantly arise, and check with you about all decisions.


Rental Renovations for Units – cosmetic makeovers

If your unit is for rental purposes, then you’ll appreciate our efficiency – we can help you have it back on the market within a week. We organise all the materials, and ensure that everything is ready to go when the tenants move out. We know that the unit is for rent, and we provide makeovers for minimal expense to help you get top-market rental prices.


Apartment Refurbishment Building project managers provide following property maintenance services at affordable prices in Inner City and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.


  • kitchen installation and renovation,
  • bathroom renovations
  • build patios, pergolas and sundecks
  • home/unit/apartment renovations and refurbishment
  • home handyman services

We even fix leadlight doors and replace damaged original ceilings with replicas.


We offer free consultations to discuss all your home renovations and refurbishment needs.

Look For the Best of Home & Unit Renovations in Sydney- Apartment Refurbishment

We, at Apartment Refurbishment, look to offer the best services regarding home renovation in Sydney. It is quite natural that with the passage of time, your home is bound to suffer damages. It is precisely at this juncture that one will need the services of a firm offering home renovations Sydney. Now, amidst the Sydney firms offering home renovation services, there are only few names, which can be a match to us in terms of work efficiency, commitment and experience. You should realize that an apartment renovations exercise requires reliable expertise, and as a homeowner, one may have to struggle to get it right. It is in such situations that our guidance comes in handy. As an experienced name offering unit renovations Sydney, we have the ability to modernize your unit. We help you do away with the existing, old structure and create a brand new apartment. Let us discuss in brief some of the key features related to our job.

It is also essential to note that we offer services at a price comparatively cheaper than our peers.

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