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Sustainable Apartment Refurbishment Design Ideas That Work Wonders

17 October 2019

If you are planning an apartment renovation anytime soon, you may want to update it with design ideas that work wonders while still being “in the now” as far as sustainability is concerned. The reason that we say this is due to the fact that it will make your apartment more appealing at the time of sale, to lease or for you to live in all throughout the year. Changes that you will make to upgrade your apartment in this way range from saving on energy to improving the air quality.

During the refurbishment, choose only paints, stains or sealers that contain low or no volatile organiccompounds or VOCs. This ensures that they will not taint your air quality with unpleasant fumes. In addition to this, select building materials that give off little, if any at all, formaldehyde and other dangerous emissions. They should have some level of a Zero rating.

Let the Sunshine Amply Flow Into Your Apartment

Install Water-Saving Plumbing Fixtures. Low-flow toilets and water-saving faucets are examples of plumbing fixtures to install in your apartment to make it sustainable. They will conserve on the use of water.

Update Your Appliances to Energy-Efficient Ones. When your appliances are too old, they may not be as energy-efficient as the ones on the market today. Replace them with better models if this is the case.

Decorate with a Wall of Plants. A fun feature that many property owners are doing today for sustainable design is to decorate with a plantwall. There is another benefit to this besides the aesthetic beauty of it if you just choose the right plants, and the fact that certain plants pull carbon dioxide and other toxins out of the air, they become natural air-cleaners.

Bamboo Flooring. One sustainable flooring choice is bamboo. It grows quickly throughout Australia, so it is a renewable resource, and it is as attractive as timber is in floors. Just like with the finishes, though, you must choose bamboo flooring that has low or no VOCs in the adhesives used in its construction.

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