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Smart Investment Property Makeovers That Every Landlord Must Consider

08 August 2019

How to handle your property wisely in order to keep it leased as much as possibleat peek marked price.

At times, this calls for renovating your Apartment to update its appearance and condition. The trick is to perform only smart investment property makeovers.Here are some suggestions for these makeovers in the facts that follow.

Create a Neutral Environment

Remember that you are Renovating a Rental Property and not your own home. You should create an environment that your prospective tenants can view their belongings in. In other words, the interior of the rental property should seem like a blank canvas for potential renters to paint with their personality on once they move into it. The Three C’s are Crisp – Clean & Clutter free.

Repair All Structural Issues

Smart investment property makeovers always include repairing any issues with the structural components of the unit. Prospective tenants will look elsewhere for a rental if they notice that the structure is less than sound. This includes,Wall and Ceiling Cracks, Flaking Paint areas.

Replace Only When Necessary

One major rule of Refurbishing a Rental Property is, If an item were to be repaired and the item can be seen as been repaired then Replace were can be. This holds true for everything from bathtubs, sinks, tapware to benchtops, including appliances.

A Fresh Coat of Paint is a Must

Applying new Paint to the Walls, Ceilings and Trim work reap you high returns since it is one of the cheapest, most effective makeover tasks that you can perform for a Rental Apartment. On top of this, an almost unlimited choice of colours exists as well as a wide assortment of paint types and brands.

If you are going to paint the ceilings, Take a good look at the ceiling lights, ASK yourself, Are the ceiling lights dated? Because you can give the Apartment a fresh coat of paint and it will look Fresh But datedwith the 70’s or 80’s style lights.

Concentrate Most of Your Efforts on the Bathrooms and Kitchen

After General Repairs and a Coat of Paint to the general living areas, Reserve the bulk of your budget for your Kitchen and Bathrooms. These rooms are the most valuable and most expensive, Regarded as focal points that prospective tenants will focus on and consider for a long term lease.

Replace Outdated Fixtures and Appliances

Another makeover that is a smart one for Rental Apartments is to replace outdated appliances and electrical fixtures. These can be replaced with energy-saving, current models. A well-used Oven, Cooktop or Range hood is not what a prospective tenant wants to see. Remember the Kitchen is a main deal maker when it comes to Renting an Apartment and especially toacquiring top dollars.

For further guidance on smart investment makeovers that any landlord should consider, Contact Apartment Refurbishments. We specialise in Apartment Renovations, Refurbishments and Cosmetic Makeovers.