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Modern Apartment Renovation Ideas: Defining Contemporary Urban Living

25 September 2019

Over 85% of Australians live in urban areas today. This ranges from the suburbs to the Inner City. We here in Australia have a great love of nature, and many are committed to preserving the environment. For this reason, we should explore the definition of contemporary urban living and the influence it has on apartment décor styling and refurbishment.

What is Contemporary Urban Living?

The term contemporary means “of the present time” or as some say, “in the now”, which means that contemporary urban living includes providing the current needs of inhabitants according to the standards of today and not years gone by. Conserving water and energy, eco-friendly materials, convenience, functionality and minimalist features are examples of these requirements. On top of all this, we in this country can practice urban living in a contemporary scale since it is more about attitude and preferences than it is location.

Apartment Renovation Ideas that Complement the Contemporary Urban Living Style

• Minimalist furnishings are key to this style of décor. Not only do they look sleek and attractive, but they best utilise the available space in all sizes of apartments. They never overwhelm the rooms in which they are placed.

• Extra-large windows that allow the sunlight in are another signature feature of this type of décor. These windows allow the sunlight to flow in for cost-free illumination and passive heating when desirable.

• Industrial touches such as concrete floors and exposed steel beams are also typical inclusions in décor that portray the contemporary urban style. Don’t take the face value of these words such as concrete and steel beam as the technology we have today can warm these cold materials to your urban scape.

• The latest in building materials and finishes that keeps the interior air quality safe for all is a must for apartment renovations to obtain the contemporary urban style. Wood materials should give off little, if any, formaldehyde, and the finishes need to be free of volatile organic compounds or VOCs.

• Features that save water and power are imperative not only to lower the bills on both, but also to take care of our environment. Low-flush toilets, Energy-Efficient Appliances& Lighting, Water-conserving faucets are just some examples of these features.

For further details about defining contemporary urban living and the design elements that complete it favourably, consult with Apartment Refurbishments. We specialise in the Renovation of Apartments be it for Rental or Owner occupancy. Our experts will work closely with you to ensure positive contemporary ergonomic eco-friendly results.