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Minimalistic yet Pleasing Designs for Your Apartment & Bathroom

17 April 2019

When your apartment bathroom needs refurbishment, you must come up with an effective plan.

When you have limited space, you may be in search of minimalistic, attractive design ideas for your bathroom. Ideas such as these make a bold statement without the use of frills or heavy ornamentation.

Here are some quality suggestions to help you start your search. 

Simple Bathtub Enclosures

  • If your bathtub is going to be an in set one, keep the nature of the enclosure simple in design by minimalizing the surrounding edging
  • Opt for a free standing back to wall bathtub, This type really makes a statement in a bathroom

Glass Shower Enclosure

Today the use of Frameless and Semi Frameless shower enclosures has been popularised by their minimalistic use of materials. At times the replacement of an existing shower screen with a new frameless shower screen is all that is needed to transform a bathroom

Tankless Toilets

Not only do tankless toilets require less space in your bathroom, but they are very much geometrically in design.

Use Unique Materials on the Floors and Walls

Opt for a different type of material on your bathroom walls and floors. Concrete is one of the most unique ones, and it can be applied with a texture to it, especially on the walls. Also, there are numerous sealers available today to ensure that it is super resistant to water damage.

Add Wall Storage with Built-In Shelf Units

Splurge on storage by installing shelf units built into at least one wall. By receding these units into the walls, they save valuable floor space.

Vanities Should Have Clean, Uncomplicated Lines

Whether you install a single-sink or double-sink version of a vanity in your bathroom, it needs sharp, uncomplicated lines. Its materials and finishes should make the statement for it rather than elaborate designs on it, as with traditional-style vanities.

Choose the Colours That You Prefer

Where colours are concerned, it is best to select two or three complementary base shades for your bathroom. You can enhance these colours with touches of other tones. Select shades that you enjoy looking at. Trending shades and materials are generally reserved for rental properties.

Turn to Apartment Refurbishments for further minimalistic yet pleasing designs for your Apartment’s Bathroom. We specialise in a wide array of Apartment Renovation Services. Our staff members will design and install an innovative bathroom that will suit your needs and desires in a quality fashion.