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We at Apartment Refurbishment & Renovation Use Licensed specialty contractors, For every fasced of your Renovation. We acknowledge that every area of your renovation should be completed at the highest standard. We do not condone the one builder for multy trade function Mentality.


Helpful Hints:

  1. Be aware it is not just the face value of the project the contractor is costing but!
    1. Degree of difficulty to supply materials to the area.
    2. Degree of difficulty for the removal of rubbish.
    3. The protection of none affected Areas & Surfaces.
    4. The organisation and commitment of trades to perform on a given day.
    5. Supply & Matching of materials for a given day delivery.
    6. The end of day cleaning, Especially if you are living there.

  2. Be informed of what your local council requirements are, Do you need a DA certificate for the works you wish to undertake.


Thinking of Re Furbishing Your Home or Unit:
When the Exterior or Interior starts to show its age, Fittings look outdated and the paints lustre has faded, your Home or Unit looks tired.

Some answers: New lighting Switches and Power points, A fresh coat of Paint, Possibly the Floors and Ceilings re worked-Will make all the difference.

Helpful Hints:People forget you only have to invest as much as 5% of your properties value, YES just 5% to make a huge difference in your stile of life & the properties upkeep.

Your Investment House & Unit: Investment Properties gain in all areas. The Recommended out lays to Refurbish are from 2.5% to 5% of market value for rental properties.

What Do You Gain for your hard Moneys Spent?
A Refurbished rental property raises is market Value.

  1. High market value directly relates to higher rental returns.
  2. Higher market value directly relates to higher borrowing powers.
  3. More people will want to rent your property, because It will make that difference at the end of the day.

Selling an investment Property:Most Important by Refurbishing your investment property

  1. You will attract a larger pool of viewers & that will directly reflect on the auction day.
  2. More bidders will push up the selling price.
  3. Higher selling price the more you will have to re invest or retire with

Your first step is to contact Apartment Refurbishment. Call Dario on 0418 118 754 for your Free Quote. Free Quote