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Lacking that Lustre or need to Re Configure:
Apartment Refurbishments know that by listening to your needs and life stile wants we can develop from those fundamentals into achieving your personalized styled Bathroom.


Helpful Hints:

To Renovate a bricked wall and concrete floor bathroom 3Metre’s by 1.8Metre’s (example), Will take from stripping out-roughing in and finished off an average of 17days.



  1. Curing Time for Rendered, Refaced or Concreted surfaces is 3 to 7 days pending on works under taken.

  2. Water proofing to be under taken by a Time establish, Time proven company. 2 Coates = 2 Days fully Cured.

  3. When the bathroom has been tiled then is when any GLASS Barrier or Shower Screen is Measured and Ordered.
    Glass barriers and Shower screens can take from 7/Days to 14 Days pending on time of year-materials and Speciality.

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