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Five Primary Items of Importance to Keep in Mind as You Prepare to Renovate your Apartment for Leasing

28 August 2019

• Kitchen Update

Apartment renters consider the kitchen as one of the most vital elements of the unit. Regardless of the Kitchen’s size, it always tends to be a central gathering spot in both houses and apartments. Not only will they prepare food in this room for themselves and visiting family members or friends, but they will Of course be conversing and entertaining, your tenants will expect to have the use of updated appliances and accessories that operate smoothly while offering a modernised, attractive appearance.

• Bathroom Upgrade

Your Bathroom will look like new with just a few Cosmetic Changes, like hanging new mirrors, replacing older style taps for newer modern taps. With a new frameless shower screen, thecleaning and re groutingof tiles the Bathroom is ready for service for another 10 years,

• Floor Refurbishing

Most apartment floors get steadywear regardless of how well you take care of them. Whether your floors are natural hardwood, laminate floating floor or carpet, they will need focused attention and revitalizing to look their best. On average a rental property flooring medium is considered for renewal every eight to ten years depending, not because it is worn out but simply because of the degree of wear that is obvious after the best efforts of cleaning. Apartment flooring is one of the first things noted by potential tenants.

Try walking into an apartment and not noticing the type or look of the floor!

• Spatial Openness

If you plan to lease your apartment as a furnished or partially furnished dwelling, you should clear out extra items of furniture and accessories that can clutter floor space. The more open areas that your apartment offers with the hanging of a large wall mirror will influence the perception of spatial openness to viewers.

• Design and Decor Improvements

Moderate Renovations to your Apartment like replacing older and damaged swinging hinged doors with sleek, upscale hinged doors, If your apartment gets plenty of natural light, you can refresh the walls with soft, subtle colours that will absorb the light to create a soothing glow or use stronger colours or pure white with a semi-gloss finish that reflects light accented by bright, vibrant hues in room furnishings and decorative items.

When you consult our experts at Apartment Refurbishments you will benefit from excellent advice, designs and full Renovations Services. Our Highly Skilled and experienced professionals will ensure that your Apartment is refurbishedto display the ideal combination of Contemporary Style, Natural Beauty and Spatial Appeal to attract the very best tenant for leasing your highly desirable Apartment.