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Minimalistic yet Pleasing Designs for Your Apartment & Bathroom

17 April 2019

When your apartment bathroom needs refurbishment, you must come up with an effective plan.

When you have limited space, you may be in search of minimalistic, attractive design ideas for your bathroom. Ideas such as these make a bold statement without the use of frills or heavy ornamentation.

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02 April 2019

Best Way to a Successful Bathroom Renovation!   Visit Our Gallery Section!

Our gallery page will allow you to experience a design library of enduring Bathroom Renovations to assist with your new Bathroom layout and tile choice, Amalgamating Life Style and Practicality.

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Kitchen Renovation Designs That Are Ideal for Apartments with Tight Spaces

22 March 2019

Apartment kitchens are often such tight spaces that they present a challenge as far as kitchen renovation designs are concerned. With this being said, you can still improve your limited-space in numerous ways when you learn the following ideas.

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05 March 2019

Apartment Refurbishments Offer stunning new kitchens that you and your friends will love

Why we are always the first choice for a Kitchen Renovation throughout Sydney.

  • We have the expertise: A Kitchen is an integral part of an apartment’s functionality and hence expert advice is the burning necessity in every Kitchen Renovation Project. We at Apartment Refurbishments have the legitimate experience to guide you through this process.
  • We stick to the budget: One of the main challenges of any job is to prepare a budget and then sticking to it. We make sure that at no stage the budget goes out of view.
  • We do time bound work: We are aware that the kitchen area is an important part of a home, and it just cannot be shunned for an extended duration.

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Apartment Renovation Tips: Know What Your Tenants Really Want

28 February 2019

We offer some tips on how to renovate according to your tenant’s needs and wants in the following.

Consider the Apartment from the Tenants’ Point of View

Try to look at your apartment from the tenants’ perspective. Decide whether your design ideas are too much about your preferences and not enough about what will appeal to a wide range of people. It is best to design your apartment in a generic fashion. Prospective tenants need to be able to picture their furnishings in your Apartment in order to want to rent it.

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