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Maximizing Space without the Clutter When Refurbishing an Apartment

15 February 2019

One major hurdle to overcome when Refurbishing an Apartment is how to maximize space without cluttering it up. Follow our following tips for Renovating any Apartment. Paint the Walls a Light, Neutral Shade Whether Refurbishing an Apartment to rent or to live in, you should paint the walls a light neutral shade, this allows the eye to span without stopping. Dark shades and complex wallpapers afford larger areas, dark shades will make the apartment look and feel smaller. Install Sufficient Storage Options Throughout the Apartment Even though your apartment has limited floor space, you still need sufficient storage options beyond just closets. An easy way to provide this throughout the apartment is to use the walls, by installing custom joinery, either exposed or hidden shelving. Belongings can be arranged in an attractive manner while storing them out of the way at the same time. If your apartment has stairs, build storage under them. This area is often wasted. Avoid Overstuffed or Heavy Furniture Pieces Another tip on how to maximize space without the clutter when refurbishing an apartment. Minimalist-style pieces take up far less space, are highly functional and attractive, and do not create a cluttered look and feel. Hang […]

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Choose Your Sydney Apartment Renovating and Contracting Company Wisely

29 January 2019

Selecting the right Sydney apartment renovating and contracting company can be a daunting task, especially if you are doing so for the first time. If you are like most people, you have heard the horror stories of property owners who hire the wrong company. They get left with a partially finished project and the company is nowhere to be found. As a result, they lose whatever money that they have invested and need to shell out more cash to finish their project with the right company at the helm. Luckily, you have come to the right place to avoid these issues by learning the following tips on how to choose your apartment renovating and contracting company wisely. Understand the Extent of Your Project You need to decide and understand the scope of your apartment construction project before you go in search of the right company to perform it for you. By doing so, you will be able to talk to the company intelligently and clearly when explaining your needs for their services. Seek out an Experienced Company An older company with years of experience is more likely to provide you with high-quality results than one that has just opened for […]

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Trendy New Year 2019 Apartment and Home Renovation Ideas

10 January 2019

Many owners of apartments and homes remodel each year to incorporate the latest trends into their structures either for their pleasure or to make their structure more appealing to renters or buyers. It is no different in 2019 since there are some exciting new trends that will be popular all throughout the year. These trends range from the use of different colours in the kitchens to more use of sustainable, natural materials. To further educate you on this topic, we provide the following examples of the 2019 trends in apartment and home renovation ideas. Shades of Green Make a Décor Comeback in 2019 In past years, shades of green have been used only for accent colours, but that is about to change this year. Green walls, various shades of green for upholstery and even green in the curtains will be the trend now at least for the next twelve months. Moody Rooms Replace All-White Ones Sultry shades of gray and other deep shades will take the place of white in kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms in apartments and homes to create moody rooms instead of sterile ones. People have tired of how difficult all-white rooms are to keep looking clean […]

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Complete Home Renovations in Sydney: What to Remember When Choosing a Contractor

13 December 2018

When it comes to complete home renovations, the most difficult part of the task usually is finding a reputable, quality contractor to perform the job. If you hire the wrong one, the results will not only fail to meet your approval, but at times, the renovation never comes to completion at all. To help you choose the right professional to perform your remodel, we offer you the following things to remember when you search for one. Decide the Scope of Your Renovation Prior to Searching for a Contractor Before you can interview any contractor, you must decide upon the scope of your renovation. After all, you need to be able to talk intelligently about all of the changes that you wish to make during your home remodel. Interview Two or More Contractors You should interview two or more contractors before choosing one if you have not had past experience with a reputable one. Ask family members, coworkers, real estate professionals and friends who they recommend. Chances are one of them will have a positive experience with at least, one contractor. Also, you need to ask the contractors if they have references that you can check out to learn about their […]

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Practical Apartment Renovation Tips for Small Bathrooms

04 December 2018

The small bathrooms in many apartments pose a challenge when it comes to remodeling them to include optimal functionality and attractive ambiance. The reason for this is that all the necessary bathroom features and amenities must fit into the room in a space-conserving fashion. If you include these in the wrong manner, your tiny bathroom will look and feel cramped. On the other hand, when you take the correct approach, you can create an illusion of space in your limited bathroom area. Think Light and Bright with Colours For the main décor shades, think light and bright colours. These will help the room appear larger than it is in reality. This holds true with paint and stain as well as wall and floor tiling or other material options. You can add dark colours for accents if you so desire. Install a Shower Instead of a Tub You might want to opt for a shower in place of a tub with a small bathroom since you can customise one to your available space a bit easier than you can a bathtub. Add a shower chair to help you relax while showering or wash your feet comfortably. Choose Sleek, Modern Vanities and […]

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Why Consider Green Building When Planning for an Overall Apartment Renovation

20 November 2018

If you are planning an overall apartment renovation, it is wise today to consider the merits of green building. Not only will this ensure a safe interior environment in your apartment, it also will protect the Earth’s environment in some small way. On top of that, you may be able to rent your apartment faster when necessary since many people are searching for an apartment that is eco-friendly in design. We discuss these reasons why you should consider this type of building with your apartment remodel and others in the following facts. Ideal Way to Entice Renters into Choosing Your Apartment Renters today are educated on the benefits of green building features in the apartments. They will be looking for these features as they search for a new place to lease. As a result, you will lease your apartment faster by adding eco-friendly features to it during its remodel. Reduces Carbon Footprint Green building leaves less of a carbon footprint that traditional methods of construction do, and this helps to reduce pollution in the air, groundwater and soil. If all property owners would do their part, the environment would benefit greatly. Conserves on Water Green building ensures that your plumbing […]

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Factors to Consider Before Hiring an Apartment Renovation Contractor

07 November 2018

Apartment renovation is a major undertaking and investment that requires the best possible planning and execution to ensure that you receive quality results. A task such as this should never be performed by an amateur since there are many elements of it that require an expert’s eye for detail and skills. For this reason, you should hire the right contractor for the job to protect your investment and property. We provide you with the following tips to help you understand the factors that you need to consider before hiring a contractor for your renovation. Set Your Budget You should determine your remodeling budget before you hire a contractor. Expenditures for all the various elements in a renovation can skyrocket if you do not have a clear picture of what you can afford without wiping out all your funds. Decide Upon the Depth of Your Renovation Once you set your budget, you can then decide the depth or scope of your remodel. While a minor renovation will be highly affordable for you, a complex one may be out of your reach at this time. Of course, the opposite may be true in your situation. Only you can decide upon this. Research […]

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Refurbishment Tips Before Trying to Rent an Apartment Unit to Prospective Tenants

26 October 2018

After tenants leave apartment units, it is important for the landlords to ready the units before attempting to rent them to prospective tenants. The apartments must be attractive, clean and in good shape to lure new tenants into signing a lease. If landlords are not careful, though, they can overspend on remodeling the apartments. To help you from falling into this trap, we offer you the following refurbishment tips on your apartment units. 1. Give the Apartment a Generic Look Plan on the apartment having a generic look. It should be similar to what a blank canvas is for an artist. Prospective tenants should be able to view their belongings sitting in the apartment. 2. Repair or Clean Flooring Options Instead of Replacing Whenever Possible At times, flooring options may need replacing, but this is only if they cannot be repaired or deep-cleaned to refurbish them. We recommend not replacing flooring options before their expected lifespan whenever possible. Most carpeting should last for between 7 to 12 years. Hard floor options vary in lifespan. 3. Fresh Coat of Paint Is a Low-Cost Refurbishment Repainting the apartment is a cost-effective remodeling task that will definitely catch the eye of prospective tenants. […]

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Budget-Friendly Kitchen Renovation Ideas for Apartments

09 October 2018

Let’s state the truth right up front here on the fact that not everyone has unlimited financial resources to draw from to perform a kitchen remodel. Most renters and/or owners of apartments and homes live on tight budgets where they need to plan every purchase carefully, including all the expenses that go into a refurbishment project for their kitchen. If you fit into this category, you may be currently trying to figure out how to refresh your kitchen without draining your bank account dry. Luckily, you have come to the right place to learn about the following budget-friendly kitchen renovation ideas. Replacing the Cabinet Doors Refresh your existing cabinets with New cabinet doors. The New Doors will make everyone think that you installed new Cabinetry. A new façade costs far less than replacing all of your cabinetry. Update Your Countertops Remove old countertops and replace them with ones that are durable and easy to maintain. Today, one of the more popular choices is engineered quartz, but there are many other options as well. Add Task Lighting to the Underside of the Upper Cabinets Make it easier to see while prepping food by installing task lighting to the underside of your […]

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Apartment Refurbishing and Remodeling: The Best Options to Add Market Value

24 September 2018

Regardless of the reason that you own an apartment or even a complex of them, the best option to add to the market value is through refurbishing and remodeling. Various rooms or areas of an apartment are used more and therefore, show wear and tear faster than other parts. Redoing these particular rooms also increases the value of your property more than when you renovate the other rooms that are not used as much. Kitchen Refurbishments Always Increase Property Value When You Perform Them in the Proper Fashion Since the kitchen is probably the most used area of any apartment, it always increases the property value when it receives a facelift. Even if you replace only the countertops with new, durable ones, you will up the value at least some if not a substantial amount. Bathroom Remodels Also Are Worth Doing to Increase the Value of Any Apartment The other room that plays an important role in the value of an apartment is the bathroom. Updating the tapware, lighting, toilet and vanity are just some of the suggested refurbishments to accomplish this. Replacing Existing Flooring May Bring Monetary Rewards Anytime that the flooring needs replacing, you will increase the market […]

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