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Basement Apartment Refurbishment: Transforming Idle Space into an Income Property

19 June 2019

If your basement area is not being used for any specific purpose, with the right BasementApartment Refurbishment plan, you can turn an idle basement area into an eye-catching rental unit that anyone will want to lease. Think Retirement Plan or just Extra Holiday Money. With this being said, you must go about it in the right manner to ensure that you can rent it once the refurbishment is complete. For this reason, we offer you a guide on the steps to perform in the following facts.


Check with Local Authorities

  • Consult with all pertinent local authorities to learn if it is legal for you to rent out a basement apartment inyour location. Also, there may be specific building codes that you need to adhere to whentransforming your basement into a rental unit. OR if you wish, “We at Apartment Refurbishments” have the competence and experience to perform these tasks on your behalf.


Understand Your Budget Limitations

  • Know your budget constraints too before you proceed. After all, turning a basement into a leasableapartment is not a basic remodel project. Without understanding the limits of your cash availability, youcan exceed your budget quickly.


Hire a Reputable Company to Perform the Refurbishment

  • You should seek out a contracting company that has experience to performyour project. In addition, this company should have an impeccable reputation for delivering qualityresults as does Apartment Refurbishments


Decide Which Layout Is Ideal for Your Basement

  • With the help of the right Company, choose the right layout for your available space. If your basement is small. You may need to do an open plan concept, asto include all the amenities.On the other hand, you may be able to select any layout that you wish when the basement is spacious.


Install Durable Elements in All Areas of the Apartment

  • Any flooring, countertops, wall coverings or other elements in the apartment should be made from adurable material. Not only is this an attractive allurement to prospective tenants, but also it brings you agood return on your investment since you will receive years of wear from these elements.


Decorate the Basement Apartment with Neutral Colours

  • Select neutral colours for decorating. Since you do not know your prospective tenants colour preferences fortheir belongings and furnishings. Even if you are providing furniture, the neutral shades are still the way to proceed.


For further advice on how to Plan to Transform your Basement into a Profitable Rental Apartment area, Consult with Apartment Refurbishments – The Specialist.