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Apartment Unit Cosmetic Makeovers: An Effective Solution for Landlords When Old Tenants Leave

11 July 2019

Landlords must be able to re-rent their apartment units quickly once their present tenants leave to ensure a steady profit from their rental property. While there are times when major renovations are necessary to accomplish this, usually, only apartment unit cosmetic makeovers are needed. The latter is affordable. Cosmetic Makeovers are, Non-time consuming and effective, especially when there is no structural damage to repair.

If you are in search for ideas for this type of makeover for your own apartment rental unit, refer to our examples below.

  • Paint the Walls an Attractive Neutral Shade: If the wall shade is already a neutral shade you may only need to paint the scuffed and marked wall areas, Do this a whole wall section. Be certain that the shade goes well with your Apartments flooring.
  • Remember that wallpaper needs to be highly washable and durable if you select to go this medium.
  • Clean the Carpeting or Spruce up the Hard Flooring:When the flooring is still in ideal condition, there is no need to replace it during a cosmetic makeover. Just vacuum and shampoo the carpeting thoroughly or clean and possibly refinish hard flooring with the appropriate methods and solutions.
  • Install Stylish & Minimal Window Coverings: A factor I see neglected quite often is the cleaning of window glass, Do clean windows.
  • Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Drawers: This is an easy option if the budget allows
  • Update Appliances: If the Oven & Cooktop look well used, New appliances will add a feel of cleanliness & invite with a guarantee of serviceability that comes with your new Appliances An additional feature of your apartment that will definitely appeal to prospective tenants is when it contains the latest in energy-conserving appliances. This step is a must if your present appliances are more than five years old.

For Further Tips on Effective, Attractive inclusions for Apartment Unit Cosmetic Makeovers, turn to Apartment Refurbishments. We Specialize in all types of Apartment remodels from Simple Cosmetic Makeovers to Highly Complex Renovations.