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About Us - Builders in Eastern Sydney

Introducing Dario Battisti – one of the most experienced renovators in eastern suburbs

Where does Apartment Refurbishments come in?
It's a good idea to consult us at the beginning before you set your renovation ideas in stone. We can guide you through the different building options – what needs doing , the different ways of making it happen – so that when you start to plan, you do so with the facts at hand.

Apartment Refurbishments can help with your plan. We will listen to your ideas, then advise where need be. We'll then give you a fixed cost for the job – it all becomes easy very quickly, so much so that you’ll wonder why you delayed for so long.


Update and Modernise
People today understand that Renovating & Refurbishing is the best possible way to add value to a property. Apartment Refurbishments has done many  home/unit/apartment renovations and refurbishments that have changed a dwelling into a dazzling display. We will give you a worry free renovation that will be exactly as you planned – and you’ll be ecstatic with the result. Just imagine the “new” housewarming party.


What Ideas do you have?
We’d love to hear your ideas. A great way is to make a “Home Book” – where you paste ideas, photographs, designs, and pieces of fabric. These are incredibly useful – they become your bible of inspiration.


Home Handyman Services, to complete renovation (no job too small)

We do everything from fixing doors through to complete house makeovers. Our services are used often by people who have just purchased a new home and need to smarten it up by installing new kitchens, bathrooms, polishing the floors or a general paint and spruce as well as fixing and repairing other parts of their house or unit. 



We offer free consultations to discuss all your home renovations needs.

Your first step is to contact Apartment Refurbishments.
Call Dario on 0418 118 754 for your Free Quote. Free Quote